Distribution for Great West Life food drive!

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Kemel Distribution was proud to be a part of Great West Life’s annual National Corporate food drive campaign. This is an important initiative that helped so many people and families nation-wide. Kemel Distribution manufactured and provided custom cartons that they used to collect food donations across Canada.


distribution of custom carton

Here is our custom carton we produced and distributed for Great West Life!

We would like to thank Great West Life for trusting us to package and distribute on time, the time sensitive materials across Canada. We take great pride in our work and always strive to provide the best service possible.

Congratulations on yet another successful National Corporate food drive and what a great way to support local communities.

Last year Great West Life made such a huge impact on communities nationwide that they were able to donate an amazing  63, 677 lbs of food for donation! We were ecstatic to be apart of this amazing cause this year by providing the custom cartoons and distribution for them!

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