Quality and Performance at the right price

Kemel Distribution is committed to deliver quality and solve your business challenges. We provide to our client’s better value and decades of logistical expertise.

Unlike others we do not have a charge for every time we move or touch an item – we work closely with you, take the time to fully understand your needs and come up with a fair and equitable pricing structure with an emphasis on simplicity.


Process of receiving bulk shipments and individually packaging/labeling each item to meet the customers’ requirements. This again save time and money for Lean organizations and lets you concentrate on fulfilling orders faster and more efficiently.


Process in which individually (separate but related) items are grouped, packaged and supplied together as one unit. Kitting has many benefits for business, it is often used in a manufacturing environment as a way of reducing material handling and process times. For those companies thinking Lean this is a great example of a process that allows you to eliminate waste.


We have bulk, pallet racking and bin storage avail. Our Warehouses are heated and secure with a total of 5 overhead doors


We have 2 - 5 ton trucks and a ½ ton for all local deliveries if required and have developed good working relationships with a number of F/Load and LTL Carriers to transport your goods anywhere in North America

Kemel Complete

Let us take care of all your inventory and logistical needs. Store your products at our warehouses and let us take care of the rest including packaging, kitting, logistics, and order fulfillment.

Safe & Secure
Fast Delivery
24/7 Support
Knowledge & Expertise
Results Focused

How can you benefit?

Save Time and Money – Outsourcing all order fulfillment requirements allows you to save time and money.  There is no capital investment required on your part for the building, specialty equipment, warehouse materials, etc. Additionally, forecasting the cost of outsourcing your order fulfillment is easy since all costs are activity based and are clearly outlined.